How To Increase Productivity in 5 Easy Steps

Q: Often during my workday, I find myself getting anxious because I’m simply not sure about how to create true balance in my business. I think I could be more productive than I am, but I’m not sure what “rules” to adhere to that will help me see more results without is “costing me” so much of myself. Is there any help for me?

A: There is no need to despair as the issue of how productive a person becomes is often a consequence of how “smartly” they spend their time and the creativity in getting things done. Having said that, there are some common methods that, if adopted, can make a difference in the ongoing increase in the success of your business. This week I will share the first 5 of these this week and provide the next during next week’s Q & A.

1. Clear, Written Goals: In a previous post I spoke about the establishment of SMART goals in your business. The key piece is that the greater the clarity you have with regard to your goals, the more you will get done and the faster you will achieve them.

2. Clear, Written Plans of Action: Directly connected to the above, every minute you spend in planning will save you as many as ten minutes in execution.

3. Set Priorities: Look at your list before you begin taking action and begin with the high value tasks. One way to help you decide on them is to determine the potential consequences of doing or failing to do it. An unimportant task has few or no consequences at all.

4. Concentrate Single Mindedly: Discipline yourself to start a task quickly and stay with it until it is completed. Decide that you will allow NO distractions to take you away (i.e. technology, pets, etc.) no matter how hard it may feel. You will actually spend less total time with the task and have a great feeling of satisfaction with getting something so important done. And your business will thank you for it.

5. Balance Longer Hours with Time Off: Start a little earlier, work through lunchtime (unless you are going to pass out) and stay a little later. This will help to avoid heavy traffic and add more productivity to your day and really doesn’t significantly change your daily routine.

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