What Am I Good At?

Q: I do a pretty good job of “caretaking” my business from day to day. And up to this point, it has helped me to make enough money to be somewhat profitable. What I’d like to do is determine what things I am better at than others. My concern is that I may be good at things that are not that important to the overall growth and success of my business and may have to make some decisions to either get training in some areas or hire talent to ensure the important things are being addressed.

A: You are wise to take “inventory” of your skill sets as a business owner. This resonates with the teachings of Brian Tracy, world-renowned business success expert, who espouses the principle of self-responsibility as a core element to drive business growth. If you are serious about taking charge of your life (business and personal), you must discover what your special talents and abilities are and then commit yourself to honing them into fine, precision instruments.

There are five indicators that will help you in the process of self-discovery. These will point you to areas in which you will potentially shine and be of maximum value.

  1. You are excellent at performing the activity. This should be fairly self-evident.
  2. You find yourself joyful as you execute the task / activity. The experience brings you very good feelings.
  3. You are energized by the work even though, just prior, you may have felt otherwise.
  4. People around you are likewise energized and become more “alive” in the midst of the activity being performed. This is great for the environment of your organization.
  5. You have a desire to continually improve in these identified talents and abilities – to work to become truly extraordinary. You understand that this is an essential step in achieving your most ambitious goals.

As a part of your personal strategic planning, this is a vital principle toward becoming both a powerful contributor and leader for your business.

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