Who Are My Customers?

Q: I have a great product that I think most people can use. I want to get the word out to everyone so I can maximize my sales. I read somewhere that, instead, I should focus my marketing efforts on a smaller select group of customers that has a better use and need for what I have to offer. I understand this, but wouldn’t that lessen my likelihood of maximizing my revenue by having more people purchase from me? Tell me more about that.

A: Your external customer should be the individual or group that is most likely to use what you produce. This would be the focal point of the success of your business. And this may be different than just the population at large.

In coming up with the definition of your specific audience, you must determine what they consider valuable, and what they really want from you, as it pertains to what you offer in your business. Long-range strategic success rests heavily on your ability to accurately identify the needs that you satisfy for the unique customer group.

Once you choose to focus your marketing efforts on your specific customer segment, and of course are able to satisfy their needs on an ongoing and excellent manner, you will quickly become the vendor of choice which will drive repeat sales and word of mouth referrals from those whom you have delighted with your ability to constantly meet (and exceed) their needs. Also, as time goes on and you remain connected to your audience, you will be able alter and/or improve your service offerings in accordance with their shifting requirements borne of changes in the economic environment or the uniqueness of their business situation. Effectively, they know that you hear them. This type of customer satisfaction and retention makes the need to market to everyone unnecessary.

Customers today have more options than ever with which to spend their money. The need to distinguish yourself from the “noise” of generic unfocused marketing and show how you have a different, more focused and more effective service offering can make all the difference with your future success.

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